Class of 1969:  50th Reunion

The St. John the Baptist School Class of 1969 gathered together here on campus to celebrate their 50th Reunion. Over thirty classmates returned to their beloved school on Englewood to participate in the reunion. The wonderful evening was planned by classmates Dan Wiles, Kevin Brady, Theresa Wagner, Sue Kopra, Molly Majer, and Pete Millitello, with the assistance of Director of Advancement, Michelle Salemi. 

School Vice Principal, Mary Makar, welcomed the honored guests after 4:00 pm mass and toured them around the campus. The classmates were eager to share stories and memories from their time here at St. John’s. They were impressed by all of the changes around campus, specifically the new Interactive Room and Makerspace, and updated library. They were also amazed to hear that some of the time-honored fixtures at St. John’s, such as the milk cooler, are still in operation! The group ended their tour at the St. John Neumann Chapel and museum before returning to the Reina Community Room for a catered dinner and more time to reminisce.

Class of 1967:  50th Reunion

Members of the Class of 1967 celebrated their 50th Year Reunion at St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore.  Over forty classmates returned to campus grounds on Englewood to participate in the daylong reunion.  Classmate John Burns organized the event from his home in California and travelled across the country to attend the event with his peers.
Director of Advancement Michelle Salemi and recent graduates welcomed the guests upon their arrival.  The group toured school and shared memories of teachers, classrooms, and classmates.  They were impressed that although today’s students could still enjoy the shiny hooks to hang coats, beautiful woodwork, and so forth, they also had all the benefits of modern technology with SmartBoards, state of the art Science equipment, and so on.  The group also visited the recently renovated St. John Neumann Chapel including the museum, which had not been built during their last visit.  They celebrated their blessings during a special Mass that afternoon and then enjoyed an on-premises, catered dinner by Banchetti by Rizzo’s in the Reina Community Room.
Although this was the first reunion for the Class of ’67 that was held on the St. John’s campus, this group regularly holds elementary school reunions, including its last reunion five years ago in 2012.  Classmates shared stories and reminisced as they shared display boards with pictures, photo albums, old report cards and school memorabilia.  What a wonderful testament to the friendships and ties that span decades!

Class of 1962:  55th Reunion

The Class of 1962 celebrated their 55th Reunion at St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore.  Classmates from as far as California gathered on campus grounds for the reunion festivities that included tours of the school and chapel museum.  “They were so very happy to reunite and share memories,” says Director of Advancement, Michelle Salemi.  “Each brought pictures that triggered some great reminiscing…it was amazing to see how quickly they reconnected with each other.”  Salemi states that several of the alums are still parishioners at St. John’s and now have grandchildren who attend the school.
The group was able to view a memorial alum video that captured much of the school’s 86 year history.  However, stories shared while touring the school propelled them back in time.  “As we toured the building, one gentleman found the bathroom where he used to do chin-ups…one day as he heard his teacher, a nun, coming by and he slipped and actually ended up needing stitches!  The whole day felt like that sense of ‘time standing still’ and ‘the walls speaking’…I was thrilled to have them back at St. John’s!”  After a special Mass was celebrated at the parish, Rev. Michael Parker (Pastor at St. John’s) hosted a reception at the rectory for the group followed by dinner at Rizzo’s.

Class of 1984: 30th Anniversary

The Class of 1984 reunited during the summer of 2014 for an informal gathering. Classmates celebrated Mass together and then toured the school with their fellow classmate and our alumni president, Bill Hilbert.  They then headed over to join the summer festival (Bash & Dash 2014) to enjoy some live music, good food, and great friends.  Despite the downpour, it was a wonderful opportunity for classmates to reconnect. 

Class of 1972:  40th Anniversary

The Class of 1972 celebrated their 40th year reunion on August 4, 2012.  Classmates met at St. John’s Church where they celebrated Mass followed by a tour of the school.  The group then headed off to Acqua Restaurant for a wonderful evening of sharing memories and catching up with former classmates.  (Additional photos from the reunion may be fund on St. John’s Alumni Facebook page.)

Class of 1965: 50th Reunion

The Class of 1965 gathered to celebrate their 50th Year Reunion in September 2015. In addition to touring the school and The Archives at the Chapel museum, the alums attended a special Mass followed by a catered dinner. Fond memories were shared, including one of Monsignor Charles Klauder, pastor at that time, being out on the playground…throwing the football with the boys and jumping ropes with the girls…all while wearing his white cassock, as well as his overall commitment towards ensuring all students who desired a Catholic education would have a spot at St. John’s! The group was impressed with how steadfast many traditions of St. John’s remain, as well as excitement over the upgrades being provided to current students. The event provided a wonderful forum to reunite across the years!

Class of 1963: 50th Anniversary

The Class of 1963 reunited during the summer of 2013 for a magical evening that will undoubtedly remain in the hearts and minds of those who attended for many years to come. Commencing with the celebration of Mass, our alums shared stories, photographs, and smiles during a wonderfully catered dinner and reception. Words cannot adequately convey the joy and community shared among these golden alums!


July 2013