Mission Statement

Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist School is a Catholic school that follows the spirit of our founder, St. John Neumann. This heritage fosters curiosity, creativity, and a general love of education in an atmosphere that nurtures students as individuals who are unique, respected, and cherished. St. John the Baptist School is an enriching, challenging, caring community grounded in education based on faith in God, academic excellence, commitment to hard work, integrity of character, and self-discipline.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of St. John the Baptist School is developed in conjunction with the American Bishops’ Pastoral, “To Teach as Jesus Did.” As a Christian community, we emphasize the special mission of the Church, especially through education in the Catholic faith. Striving to fulfill the Gospel message, we work to build the dignity of each person by forming persons-in-community, the prime educational effort of the Church.

To this end, our philosophy is structured on the fundamental principles of providing a solid course of religious and spiritual training rooted in the Gospel. We are committed to an intensive approach to scholastic development and achievement for our students in a wholesome, disciplined classroom. We commit ourselves to develop a sense of wonder at the beauty of God’s creation in all we encounter. We encourage each child to accept himself or herself and others as unique children of God, our loving Father. We provide each child the opportunity to acquire an excellent religious, academic, cultural, and physical education. Academic excellence based on the individual abilities of each child is stressed at every level. We help students learn to make their own decisions and accept responsibility for their choices and encourage them to be mindful of those in need.

Finally, we cherish the first and foremost important educators of the children, our parents. Strong relationships with our parents directly nurture the overall success of our students.