Profile of SJS Grad.

The mission statement of St. John the Baptist School asserts that our school strives to develop each child spiritually, intellectually, and socially in a Christian-centered atmosphere focused on serving one another. Our scholastic programs and campus life are dedicated towards promoting spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social awareness. Upon graduating from St. John the Baptist School, it is our hope our graduates will be independent, excellent students who are prepared to embrace the rigors of secondary education. Moreover, we hope they will be well-rounded young men and women who are rooted in their faith with a love of God, who care for others, and who are capable to make decisions based upon the core values derived from their families and faith.


Graduates of St. John the Baptist School are expected to:

  • Love God, themselves, and one another
  • Possess an understanding of the Catholic tradition
  • Develop the foundations for a lifelong, personal relationship with Jesus
  • Feel a sense of belonging to the St. John the Baptist parish and the greater Catholic Church community
  • Live Christ’s command of the Gospel teachings through service to others
  • Demonstrate a tolerance for diversity in all its forms and respect all of God’s creation
  • Advocate for social justice throughout the community, nation, and world
  • Willingly participate in the Catholic Mass, Sacraments, and spiritual experiences outside the school community
  • Make moral decisions based upon their core family values and the teachings of the Catholic Church


Graduates of St. John the Baptist School are expected to:

  • Acquire the skills to be successful and thrive in high school and beyond as demonstrated in the NYS Common Core Learning Standards in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the Diocese of Buffalo for the 21st century learner.
  • Possess the critical thinking skills to solve problems intelligently, creatively, and effectively
  • Develop the organizational and study skills necessary to succeed in future academic and life settings
  • Strive to achieve his or her academic best in all tasks and projects
  • Be aware of his or her own learning styles, strengths and weaknesses in order to overcome challenges and to maximize learning
  • Effectively communicate through both the written and spoken word and use evidence to support their statements and opinions
  • Demonstrate academic integrity at all times
  • Utilize technology effectively and responsibly
  • Understand and possess a life-time long love of learning and quest for knowledge
  • Cultivate a life-long love of reading


Graduates of St. John the Baptist School are expected to:

  • Show empathy and tolerance for all people at all times
  • Respect others
  • Desire a personal relationship with God
  • Value themselves, including their own personal appearance and physical and emotional well-being
  • Develop their own moral values and personality based on the core values derived from their families and faith
  • Accept the responsibility for their actions and an awareness of the consequences for poor choices
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship and act as a team player in all settings
  • Possess confidence and humility as they develop their own unique personalities and cherish the process