Board of Trustees

St. John the Baptist School - Board of Trustees

Founded in 2019, the St. John the Baptist School – Board of Trustees is made up of parishioners and alumni who have a vested interest in the future success of St. John’s and who have professional expertise to help guide St. John’s into the future. The St. John’s Board of Trustees is a board of limited jurisdiction, offering insight and suggestions to our pastor and principal. Our pastor, Father Michael Parker, serves as Chairman of the Board. The appointed members of the St. John the Baptist Board of Trustees are Dr. Canio Marasco, Mr. Joseph Short, Mrs. Roseann Cook, Mr. Robert Scott, Mrs. Katie O’Bryan, Mr. Christopher Frye, Mr. Gary Fusco, Mr. Brian Mahoney, and Mrs. Joanna Eberl. Additionally, our Director of Advancement, Mrs. Michelle Salemi, parish Business Manager, Mrs. Carla Mazurek, and school principal, Mrs. Jenny Bainbridge, sit on the board in an advisory capacity. Annually, the Board of Trustees releases a survey to school parents to gain their thoughts and suggestions about St. John’s. The mission of the Board of Trustees is the future success and longevity of St. John’s; they will continue to work hard to ensure that our school is viable for many years to come.