Teacher's Name: Mrs. Edith Monroe

Grade/Subject: Computer/Technology

Contact: emonroe@stjohnskenmore.com




Students will be incorporating all of the common core standards in the computer lab activities. We have a variety of educational programs that coincide with every subject matter.

All classes become proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite programs and transfer their skills to GoogleDocs. Students  start using Microsoft Word in 1st grade. Complex training is provided in the Office Suite including PowerPoint, and Excel in order to prepare each individual to be  successful and productive in the educational process and for all future endeavors.

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Have a great summer!

Supply List - For Grades 5-8 : bring in a flash drive (4GB minimum is fine)

Here are some websites you can use:

For Coding: (Computer Programming)    https://hourofcode.com/us

For Keyboarding


For Adding decimals

Practice adding decimals! Remember when adding and subtracting decimals to line up the decimal point and bring it down!


Fun Brain
Practice your math skills using a variety of interactive math games.


For For Spelling and Grammar



For Counting Money