Mrs. Stradley


Happy Summer! 

Help get your child ready for kindergarten by practicing the following things over summer break:

Writing their name- Students should be able to tell their first, middle, and last name and write their first and last name

Letters- recognize and name all 26 letters and some sounds

Syllables- Have fun clapping out syllables for names and objects!

Rhyming- Play with your child with words that rhyme!  Let your child come up with a few!

Counting- Practice counting by 10s and 1s.  By the end of the year, your child will need to be able to count to 100 by 10s and 1s

Counting objects- Have your child count objects up to at least 10

Numbers- Your child should be able to recognize at least the numbers 1-10

Shapes- Practice naming basic shapes such as rectangle, square, triangle, circle and hexagon

Personal Skills- Your child needs to be able to take care of all bathroom needs by themselves

Your child should be able to blow their own nose and properly dispose of  garbage

Your child needs to know how to correctly wash their hands independently

Your child should be able to zipper/button/snap most of their own clothing including coats and shoes (Bonus points for shoe tiers!)

Your child should know basic information about themselves, such as a phone number and address, and parent names- we will work on this in school, but this type of thing is best worked on at home!

We will be doing a new reading program called SuperKids next year!  I'm excited to have all these new characters join our class and help us learn to read!  We will be continuing the My Math series along with some Common Core units for math! 

It is my goal to have all students reading and writing by the end of Kindergarten!  We will have lots of fun learning (and playing!)

Here is a list of sight words your child should know by the end of kindergarten: 

a                         all                            am                          an                     and                     are                  ask              at                  away             be               best                    big                 black

blue                    brown                      but                        can                     come                  cut                  do                did                down           drink             fast                   find                 for 

full                      fun                          get                          go                     good                   got                  had               has                have           he                 help                   here                him

hot                     I                              if                            in                      into                      is                     it                   its                 jump           just              let                      let's                 like

little                   look                        make                     me                     must                     my                  no                 not                of               off                on                      one                 pick

play                  pull                         put                         ran                     red                       run                  said               she               sit               six                stop                   see                 seven

tell                   ten                          that                         the                     three                     to                   two                 up              upon            us                you                     was               we

well                 went                       where                     with                    will                     yellow               yes                you

Here's our class schedule: 

Mondays: Library (10:30)
Tuesdays: Art (1:10)
Wednesdays: Music (1:10)
Thursdays: Gym (1:10)
Friday: Computers (12:30)

Click here for some great suggestions for summer reading.