Ms. Allyson Stanz

Grade/Subject: Spanish - Grades 4-8 / Health - Grade 6       



                             Bienvenidos a febrero

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The LA FAMILIA Y LA CASA chapter is ending in 6th grade.  A big "GRACIAS" to everyone who brought materials in for our        *** Scavenger Hunt*** here at St. John's, collecting 'platos' from the 'cocina' and 'jugetes de osos' de los 'cuartos de dormir'. 

7th graders are wrapping up vocabulario on LOS DEPORTES as we are fast approaching the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.  We even watched as the Olympic Village 'went up' and discussed the sport of 'skeleton'.

8th graders wrapped up the DE VACACIONES chapter, including SUMMER and WINTER activities, like going to the beach or heading to a ski resort. :) *** All great words for our St. John's Ski Club students this month!! ***

Por favor please keep finding ways to practice SPEAKING and LISTENING to Spanish around WNY this semester.  We are lucky to have many 'delicioso' Mexican restaurants and taco shops, where many of the employees 'Habla' themselves.  If you need recommendations...I'll start with LA DIVINA in the Village of Kenmore (quesadilla grande de pollo y la horchata) and AGUACATES in the Elmwood Village (la paradilla mexicana...a.k.a THE BEST FAJITAS IN TOWN y el 'FRIED ICE CREAM'...need I say more? :)


Felicitaciones!!!  Congratulations!!! to all students collecting more scratch -n- sniff stickers this month, for speaking to me in Spanish 'outside' of Spanish Class, at volleyball games, basketball games, school dances, the pharmacy, the grocery store and beyond!  You're expanding your language skills well beyond 'Hola' and 'Adios' and having fun!  Keep it up!!! :)  *** We'll add 'em all up again as the second marking period closes ***  Parents, we did a 'Notebook Pre-Check' on Monday, February 5th, as students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade must have an organized notebook for a grade towards the end of the second trimester (March 16th).  It's worth +100 points.  Please check to make sure your students have their notebooks in order (binder, journal, worksheets, etc.).

As per students' request, I have scheduled 'Nacho Repaso' general review classes on:

                                (Tuesday, February 6th, 2:15 pm until 3:00 pm, room 218) and

                                (Thursday, February 15th, 2:15 pm until 3:00 pm, room 218)

No sign up required!  Come hungry and ready to work!  We cover any and all grammar, vocab and sentence structure.  We start ON TIME and eat at 2:45, while still working.......until dismissal at 3:00 sharp!

Health Class: Grade 6:  It's Healthy MIND, Healthy BODY, Healthy CHOICES month!  Basic yoga and relaxation techniques have started and students can practice online at home.  If you have any fun suggestions to add to our routines, please drop me a line :)

  We have also been discussing Health and Wellness, related to the heightened flu season this year.  (Good hand-washing techniques, covering a cough, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, keeping a clean room, etc...)

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Hasta Pronto!



May God bestow His many Blessings upon you and your family.  Peace, Love and Joy to all.   

It's are some things to know to be successful in Spanish class:


  • Be on time
  • Be respectful 
  • Be responsible 
  • Be prepared  

Homework Policy

All homework must be turned in on the assigned due date.  Repeated failure to complete homework assignments may result in detention.  Detentions are usually served at lunch where students are encouraged to work on the missing assignment.  Parents will be notified via e-mail.   

7th Grade Homeroom

In addition to teaching Spanish and 6th grade Health, I am also a 7th grade homeroom teacher.  Throughout the year, there will be many special activities, events, and requirements specific to our 7th graders--from class field trips to school based activities, such as the upcoming Walk-a-thon.  Ms. Amber Breyer and I, along with the administration, will endeavor to keep you abreast of all the happenings.  Please do not hesitate to make inquiries, as well.

Additionally, homeroom #218 has a special class each day.  Note, our specials are as follows:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  Art (first trimester); Computer (second trimester); Music (third trimester)

Tuesday/Thursday:  Gym  (please remember to bring proper gym clothes, including sneakers, shorts, t-shirt)

About Ms. Stanz             

A little bit about me...I have been teaching K-12 and college level Spanish for more than 25 years.  I've studied in Salamanca, Spain; Madrid, Spain; and in a beautiful town called Queretaro, Mexico.  Studying abroad has opened my eyes to a fascinating world, many cultures and new faces.  Thank you for entrusting me to show your children an exciting side of life beyond Western New York and to share my passion for Hispanic language and people.

Let's have a great year!