Talty Memorial Scholarship Awarded at St. John's Kenmore

The Brianna Talty Memorial Scholarship was recently awarded at St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore.  Brianna Talty, the school’s Spanish teacher, passed away earlier in the year.  Families and friends of St. John’s and Miss Talty established a memorial scholarship to honor the beloved teacher.  Talty’s parents and members of her family joined Principal Cynthia Jacobs at the ceremony to present the scholarship awards to the recipients:  8th grader Alyssa Barnum and 7th grader Colin Richey.
1“Although Miss Talty was only with our St. John’s community for a short period of time, she left an incredible impression with both the staff and her students,” states Jacobs.  “ I clearly recall her enthusiasm towards starting her career as a teacher; it was clearly evident in so many ways—from volunteering at junior high dances to the passion of her lessons.  She was really proud to be part of our St. John’s family!”  Shortly after she passed away, Jacobs recalls gathering with the teachers and staff in the library and listening to many share stories of how Brie had already bonded with our community!   “The tremendous outpouring of prayers and support all expressed a strong desire to honor Miss Talty in some way…it was with these sentiments that the Briana Talty Memorial Scholarship was established!” 
Jacobs states contributions from school parents and staff, as well as friends of the Talty family, was so generous that it has actually allowed the school to create two scholarship awards in the amount of $1,750 each—to be used towards furthering a student’s Catholic education.  Students of Miss Talty were eligible to apply for the scholarship.  Applicants submitted two essays, as well as a letter of recommendation—and a scholarship committee comprised of foreign language teachers, parishioners, and high school educators was assembled to review and select the awardees.  “By reading all of the students’ essays,” Jacobs explains, “the selection committee came to understand what we already knew:  Miss Talty was a remarkable young lady who made a lasting impact on the faculty, staff, and students of St. John’s School—and I dare say all who she interacted with!  Her kindness, enthusiasm, commitment and Christian spirit was evident through both her words and deeds.  Truly, she was a remarkable young lady!”