Mrs. Breinlinger

Grade 8 Homeroom & Science 6 - 8


Happy May!  It is hard to believe that the month of May is already upon us, and with that, many                                                          busy spring days.  Our STREAM program here at St. John's is really going strong and many new activities and programs will be happening this month and next.  Please check out the Dates to Remember Section for more information on upcoming activities. 

In 6th grade we will be continuing our study of the Earth by using one of the new "Engineering Design Briefs" from our STREAM curriculum.  Students will learn about aquifers, their importance and why we need them and then they will be designing their own "mini-aquifer", complete with a "well".   I am looking forward to this great learning opportunity with my classes. 

In 7th grade we are continuing to have our STREAM Partner speaker from UNYTS.  Every Tuesday a representative of that organization presents an interesting and engaging lesson on body systems.  Students will learn the importance of each body system, how to keep them healthy and how UNYTS helps to promote organ and blood donation. 

In 8th grade we will begin our study of simple machines.  Again, in keeping with the STREAM initiative, students will be working on a variety of activities from the ESL kit "Simple Machines".   This offers a more hands-on approach to learning and problem solving to understand and comprehend the idea of a simple machine, how they work together and why machines are used at all.  

God Bless, 

Mrs. Breinlinger   

Dates to Remember:

Tues 1 - Dress Down $1 - Planners

Wed 2 - NYS Math Testing - 8th grade

Thurs 3 - NYS Math Testing - 8th grade

Sun 6 - First Holy Communion - 12:00

Tues 8 - Dress Down $1 - Planners

Thurs 10 - Mass - Ascension Thursday - 9:00 am

Fri 11 - No School - Staff Development Day

Mon 14 - May Crowing - 9:00 am

Tues 15 - Dress Down $1 - Planners

Tues 22 - Dress Down $ 1 - Planners

Wed 23 - NYS Science Performance Test - 8th grade

Thurs 24 - Kid Biz - after lunch & Rock Around the Block - 6 - 9 pm

Fri 25 - No School - Memorial Day Recess

Mon 28 - No School - Memorial Day Holiday

Tues 29 - Dress Down - $1 - Planners

Topics Per Grade:

6th Grade - Earth Science: In 6th grade students study earth science.  We examine the Earth as a dynamic system, where all the parts work together and are connected to one another.  Some of our specific topics include: Plate tectonics, Rock Cycle, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Atmosphere, and Ocean.      

7th Grade - Life Science:  In 7th grade the primary focus is life science.  We examine what it means to be alive and how all of God's creations have a place in the world.  Some specific topics include: What is life, Cells and cell processes, Viruses & bacteria, Plants and Animals.          

8th Grade - Physical Science:  In 8th grade the primary focus is on phyical science.  This is a combination of basic chemistry and physics.  Specifically we examine the following topics: Matter, Changes in matter, Periodic Table, Atoms, Motion, Energy, Light & Sound. 

Each grade level course of study includes a variety of hands-on learning opportunities and individual student projects to give students a deeper understanding of what they are learning, to make the learning more concrete and to help the students make connections to their real world experiences.  

Homework Policy:

All homework will be checked on the day it is due.  Most assignments will be graded using the following scale:

5 pts. = completed on date due

3 pts. = one day late

1 pt.  = two days late

0 pts. = missing (3 or more days late)

Some homework may be collected and corrected for a percentage grade.  Students will be notified which assignments these will be.  A missing graded assignment will lose 5 points per day that it is missing.  

Any missing homework will result in a lunch detention the following day.  Parents will be notified via email of missing homework and consequent lunch detentions.  

Grading Policy

Progress report and report card grades will be calculated based on the following:

Tests = 35%

Projects = 25%

Quizzes = 15%

Homework = 10%

Classwork/Labs = 15%