Teacher's Name: Ms. Angela Del Sordo

Grade/Subject: Third Grade
Contact: adelsordo@stjohnskenmore.com

...from Ms. Del Sordo's 3rd Grade

Dear Parents,

     It has truly been a pleasure and privilege teaching your wonderful children this year.  We have had loads of learning, love, and fun!

     Thank you for your help, kindness, and thoughtfulness throughout the year.  Your generous gifts, goodies, time, and good wishes will always be greatly appreciated.

     Also, I would like to remind you to have your children complete their summer reading requirements and math packet.  Check out Miss Bellittiere's webpage for some suggested books and authors.

     Have a blessed, safe, and fun-filled summer vacation.  Relax and enjoy your beautiful families!


                                          Ms. Del Sordo

Click here for some great suggestions for summer reading.