Teacher's Name: Mrs. Gina Szczodrowski

Grade/Subject: Fourth Grade

Contact: gszczodrowski@stjohnskenmore.com

Can you believe we are already halfway through the school year?! I guess it's true what they say... time flies when you're having fun! And we sure are having a lot of fun learning in 4th grade. We also had a TON of fun during Catholic Schools Week! February is sure to fly by as well. Here is what we have going on this month... 

Religion- This month students will take an in depth look at the Third and Fourth Commandment. They will learn what each Commandment means and how best to follow them.

Reading- This month we will be working in our Journeys book. We are going to be reading a lot of nonfiction stories this month with high interest topics. Students will learn about text features and how they enhance our understanding of text, conclusions, and generalizations. Students will also finish their second round of book club this month. We also have a 400 minute reading challenge each month. Students are to read each night and record what they read and for how long on their calendar. Parents will need to sign each night that student records reading minutes. Once students reach 400 minutes they are part of the 400 minute club for the month and will get a special treat and lunch in the class next month!

Language Arts- Students have Simple Solutions quizzes each Friday that correspond with the lessons done in class that week. Students should be correcting their lessons in colored pen/pencil so that they know what to study for their quizzes. Students are going to write an imaginative writing piece about what they would do it they were president of the United States. This is a fun writing piece that students really engage in. After this we will start learning about opinion writing.