Teacher's Name: Mrs. Gina Szczodrowski

Grade/Subject: Fourth Grade

Contact: gszczodrowski@stjohnskenmore.com

Mother Nature finally decided to grace us with spring and May is off to a fantastic start- both in weather AND in school. We are still working hard in 4th grade, preparing to be 5th graders, but still having fun. We will begin working with the chromebooks this month and we are all REALLY excited! Please be on the lookout for the exam schedule and study guides coming home around May 18. 

Religion- This month students will take an in depth look at the remaining Commandments. They will learn what each Commandment means and how best to follow them. 

Reading- This month we will be working on figurative language and applying reading skills in all areas of our learning. We will be reading for fun this month!

Language Arts- We are working on our final opinion pieces this month. Students are writing about their opinion on zoos- are they good or bad for animals? Students put a lot of time and effort into their research for this piece and I am really excited to see their final papers. Once we finish, students will be working on an independent research project that will serve as their final ELA exam.

Students have Simple Solutions quizzes each Friday that correspond with the lessons done in class that week. Students should be correcting their lessons in colored pen/pencil so that they know what to study for their quizzes. Students are working on opinion writing and we are off to a great start!