Grade/Subject: Grade 4




March 2018 

Religion -This month we are focusing on Lent and how it is a preparation for the celebration Easter. We will also be talking about St. Joseph and how Catholics have traditions and customs for the feast of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. His feast day is celebrated on March 19th. On this day. we will be celebrating this special day with our own St. Joseph's table in which we will be sharing different foods! 

Math - FRACTIONS, FRACTIONS, and more FRACTIONS! We have been learning how to make equivalent fractions as well as simplifying them. We are also learning how to compare and order fractions. Very shortly we will be discussing mixed numbers and learn what improper fractions are and how to change them into mixed numbers and back by doing "back flips and cartwheels" :) 

       *** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE practice the BASIC MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION facts with your child. Everything from here on out for the rest of the year will depend on multiplication. ***

Science - This month we will be finishing up our ecosystem unit on the different ecosystems, how energy flows in food chains and food webs as well as why fossils help us to understand the past.

Social - This month we will begin discussing the American Revolution. We will be focusing on why American colonists wanted to declare independence from Great Britain and how American soldiers were able to defeat the British Army ending the American Revolution. 

Important Dates: 

3/1 - Mass with Bishop Malone @ 9

3/1 -3/1 - Theme tray Bonanza in lunch

3/4 - HSA Theme Tray @ 1

3/8 - Mandatory parent meeting @ 7

3/12 - NO SCHOOL

3/16 - Grades close for 2nd trimester

3/19 - Faculty meeting

3/23 - Stations of the Cross @ 1:10

        - Report cards sent home

3/27 - Field trip to Tift Nature Preserve

3/28 - Early dismissal @ 11:00

3/29 - 4/8 NO SCHOOL - Easter Recess

4/9 - School resumes