Students have been working very hard on math concepts and connecting them to the real world, as well as developing good habits and learning about Lent and Easter.

Let’s take a closer look…

6th Grade Math:

Students had a lot of working on the STREAM project. Students enjoyed plotting points to find where the ghost were hiding. Students are starting Chapter 7, which is on algebra. During this chapter, students will be solving expressions using numbers and variables, as well as learning about algebraic properties. 

*During the month of March and April, I will be moving my after-school help for 6th grade. I am teaching a STREAM academy with Mrs. Rambharose on Tuesdays and Thursday. Therefore, 6th graders are allowed to stay on Monday and Wednesdays for extra help. If you do have any questions, please let me know.

6th Grade Religion:

As Lent begins, students will be learning about the difference between the cross and crucifix in a STREAM project. Students will learn about the different types of crosses, the difference between each type of cross, how to find the perimeter of a cross, as well as designing and building their own cross.

Reminder: Students are to be working on Community Service project. This is due May 15th.

7th Grade Math:

Students will finish Chapter 7, which is on algebra. In this chapter, students will solve multi-step equations and inequalities. Students will be able to relate equations and inequalities to real-world problems.

8th Grade Math:

In Chapter 5, students are finishing up with learning about functions. Students are distinguishing the difference between linear and nonlinear functions, graphing linear functions, and graphing quadratic functions. As students begin to grasp linear and nonlinear, they will be able to apply their knowledge to solving real-world problems involving functions

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Let’s keep up with the great work!


Miss. Kaufman