Mrs. Deborah Grosskopf

PreK 4

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The caterpillars have arrived!  We will be watching them grow, make their cocoons and transform into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  When it is warm enough we will take them outside and let them go and fly free!  This is a great way for the children to watch the wonders of nature up close.

Even though Mrs. Grosskopf is not a big fan of bugs, we will be learning about many different kinds.  From the ones that crawl to the ones that fly.  The children will even get to design their own bug!

May is the month for mothers.  We will be learning about our Blessed Mother, Mary and our own very special moms.  

Happy Mother's Day to all our Pre-K Moms and Grandmas!!

It wouldn't be May without a sunflower growing in a styrofoam cup.  We will plant sunflower seeds and learn about the parts of a plant and what plants need to grow.

May dates:

Wed., May 9 - Mother's Day Plant Sale!

Thurs., May 10- Ascension Thursday & Teacher Appreciation Mass!

Thurs., May 10 - Book Fair!

Thurs., May 24 - KidBiz!

Fri., May 25 & Mon. May 28 - NO SCHOOL!