Mrs. Deborah Grosskopf

PreK 4

We learned our A,B,C's

And counting 1,2,3's

This year has been a blast

Now it's off to Kindergarten class!


   We would like to thank you for a wonderful year!  Your continued support, generosity and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated!


Here's what the children liked best about Pre-K!

Lily- I loved going to gym!

Liam- I liked making our place mats each month!

Ronan- I liked playing with my friends!

Michael- I loved all the crafts we made!

Will- I liked building things with the Legos!

Patrick- I liked building tracks for the cars!

Kennedy- I loved going to the Pumpkin Farm!

Madison- I liked buying flowers for our moms!

Logan- I loved doing projects!

Light- I liked playing with the trucks!

Jordan- I liked coloring during free time!

Tyler- I loved eating lunch in the cafeteria!

Cecelia- I liked playing in the kitchen!

Dominic- I liked learning about the Presidents!

Caiden- I loved watching the caterpillars!

Lucas- I loved going to see a play at Shea's

Wishing all our Pre-K families a safe and happy summer!!