Teacher Name: Mrs. Saranne Pace and Teacher Aide: Mrs. Renee Dikeman

Grade/Subject: Pre-K 3

Contact: space@stjohnskenmore.com

Welcome to Our Pre-Kindergarten 3-Year-Old Program


Welcome to our Pre Kindergarten program for three year olds.


 We would like to say congratulations to the class of 2016-2017!! We are so proud of all of our children,and how much they have grown literally and intellectually.

We encourage you to work with your children on their numbers, name recognition ,colors and use of scissors.

We also encourage you to read , read , read and read some more !!! Twenty minutes a day is highly recommended!

Our first day of school for the incoming class of 2017-2018 is September 11th.

We wish you all a safe and happy summer! God bless!

Mrs.Pace and Mrs. Dikeman