Teacher: Mr. Robert Vorburger

Grade/Subject: Physical Education

Contact: rvorburger@stjohnskenmore.co

"It is helpful to think of the brain as a muscle.
                One of the best ways to maximize the brain is through exercise, movement.
Everybody feels better after exercise.
There is a reason for it."
-Dr. John J. Ratey, Harvard Medical School

Please note: No blue jeans are allowed to be worn for class.  Students should be prepared, even on dress down days or half days.



Physical Education at St. John the Baptist is a dynamic program that encourages and prepares every student to be physically active their entire lifetime.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Students are introduced to a variety of manipulatives.  Basic movement forms of hopping, skipping, galloping and jumping are taught and reinforced throughout the year.  Students are afforded time to develop their creative individuality through destination play, a child-initiated, teacher supported environment.

Grades 1-3

Students develop an awareness of space through various movement activities.  The children are given the opportunity to learn on their own and in groups.  Academic integration is used to support many of the activities.

Grades 4-6

Students are introduced to progressive activity units.  The unit builds from week to week challenging the child to develop another part of their "game".  Also at this level, students will be exposed to cooperative challenge based activities.

Grades 7-8

Students encounter twice the units from the previous level.  The are introduced to problem solving, team building strategic activities, along with fitness workout sessions. 


Use the following format to review articles that you select: 

1 Select an article that deals with a positive health topic. If the article is from a newspaper, magazine, etc. mount the article on a sheet of paper similar to the one used for the review. If it is from the Internet, print out a copy.

2. Writing the review: Start with the St. John's heading.

Paragraph 1: Summarize the article by examining the major ideas that the author is attempting to get across. Hint: remember the who, what, when, where, and why of a well written review.

Paragraph 2: Explain why you agree or disagree with the author, start this paragraph with, "I agree with the author because ... "

Paragraph 3: Explain how the article relates to health class, start this paragraph with, "This article relates to health class because ... "

Definitions: List two (2) words that are in the article that are new to you and dictionary define each of them. Then staple the review to the article, with your review on top.

I will be looking for the following:

Paragraphs to be 5-7 complete sentences in length.
- Typed (single spaced, 14 font size)

Grading Rubric:

The review 12pts.
The format 4pts.
Definitions 4pts.
Total 20pts.

Due dates: 2018-19

September 25, October 23, November 20 , December 18, January 22 , February 26, March 26, April 23, May 21. 

Please note: 7th Grade Health Classes

-Each trimester, students will have two formal tests (20pts each) and complete three article reviews (20pts each) equaling lOOpts.

-The first two health classes will be devoted to having the students practice writing a review. Previous examples are shown to the students.

-Students may use the computer lab at school to work on and or print out their review. The lab is available every day after school, except Fridays.

-The due dates are listed on the bottom of the format sheet. A point will be deducted for each school day a review is late.

-Students will bring home all graded tests and article reviews for you to sign and then they will return them to me. It is the students' responsibility to return these signed items to me, you should expect 3 article reviews and two tests to sign each trimester.

Thank you in advance for making sure that your child completes these reviews and hands them in on time.

Mr. Vorburger