Teacher's Name:  Mrs. Patricia McGee

Grade/Subject:   Math Grades  5, 6, 7, 8


                                                                             SUMMER   NEWSLETTER

I am sure that by now you have heard that I am retiring at the end of this school year.  I have truly enjoyed my last 26 years teaching math to so many children.  I know I have learned a great deal from them as well.  I started at St. Johns in 1981 teaching fifth grade.  I had a grade 5 homeroom until 1986 when I stayed home with my daughter.  I did sub when I was called, though.  After 41 years in a profession that I truly loved I am sure it will be hard come September knowing I am not needed in Room 119 anymore.  I do hope to come back as a substitute teacher, though, so you haven't seen the last of me just yet!  Best wishes and good luck to all of my students and their families. Thank you for all of your support through out the years.

Have a Great Summer,  Mrs. McGee