Lunch Program

Cafeteria Manager: Mrs. Mary Ann Murphy

Lunch at SJSThis month's menu.

A, B, C, D Lunches - $2.35 (add $1.00 for ANY Double Entree)

NO Canadian money PLEASE


  • Milk Choices: 1% white
  • Non Fat Chocolate
  • Non Fat Strawberry
    Milk is included in the lunch price.
  • SJS Lunch ProgramAdditional Milk – 50¢
  • Bottle Water: 16 oz. bottles of natural spring water – $1.00
    Water CANNOT be served in place of milk with A, B, C or D lunch. It can be bought as an extra item.

B Lunch = Assorted Sandwiches

Sandwich Choices: Peanut Butter & Jelly / Peanut Butter & Fluff / Tuna / Egg Salad / Bologna & Cheese / Turkey w/Lettuce & Tomato

C Lunch = Julienne Salad and Roll

D Lunch = Yogurt, Small Salad and Roll

SJS CafetiriaOffer vs. Served:

  • In compliance with the National School Lunch Act, students must take 3- 5 component items offered in order to meet minimum daily requirement.

Prepayment for lunches -$11.75/week or $47.00/month (based on 4 weeks/20 days), send money in labeled envelope c/o school office.

NOTE: If your child forgets his/her lunch or lunch money, he/she may charge lunch on that day. This MUST be paid back the NEXT school day. Charging lunch is to be a rare occurrence. It is not to become a habit. Snack may NEVER be charged.


Menu is subject to change.
Notice given when possible.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider & employer