Core Concentration

Reading/Literacy Specialist

Our full-time reading and literacy specialists works with students in the primary grades to ensure each student’s reading skills are maximized.  Whether providing remedial, strengthening services to struggling readers or enhanced curriculum for our accelerated learners, our reading specialist cultivates a love for literacy and literature at all levels.

Additionally, our reading specialist works with the faculty as a gateway of resources and ideas for their classroom instruction.  Working in conjunction with our school’s librarian, she has organized literacy and writing workshops by national authors, including Susan Wojciechowski, Tim O’Shei, and poet Amy Ludwig Van Dewater. 

Math Specialist

A solid foundation is a fundamental requisite to attain success in today’s world of math and technology.  For this reason, St. John’s has invested in our children to provide the staff necessary to strengthen and nurture the relationship with acquiring mathematics.

Our math specialists works individually with select students in need in grades 3 to 5 to fortify their skills and understanding of concepts and to build fluency with their recollection of basic math facts.  Students also receive additional specialized instruction to reinforce skills and concepts taught in the regular math class.