Teacher's Name: Mrs. Carol Ann Bunny

Grade/Subject: Art

Contact: cbunny@stjohnskenmore.com

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 This year you will be introduced to artists and artworks from around

the world and across the centuries. You will learn what the smallest

sketch and the largest sculpture have in common. In Art we explore

the elements of art - line, color, shape, form, texture, value and space.


Artists use the elements of art to capture the look and feeling of the world

as they see it. As artists, you will create art of your own, just as artists

have done for thousands of years. Your drawings, paintings, and sculptures

will capture the look and feel of the world as you see it.

St. John's values the unique talents of every student. Whether a student's

strengths and interests are academic, athletic, or artistic, we strive to

provide an educational environment and opportunities that will benefit them.

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