Teacher's Name: Ms. Colleen Stringer

Grade/Subject: Music

Contact: cstringer@stjohnskenmore.com 

Happy Spring!


MAY 15, 2019 6:30

Grade 3, Children's Choir, St. Johns Singers, and Grade 8

Pre K4:  Each Pre K lesson includes a variety of activities. We start each class with vocal exploration. The short vocal pieces we work on consist of    echo songs, and short simple songs, as well as spoken pieces used to reinforce beat and rhythm. We have been focusing on the difference between using our singing voice and our speaking voice. Themes: Spring, Easter

K: We will continue learning about the difference between beat and rhythm and begin to recognize simple notation for long and short notes. Themes: Spring Easter

Grade1: This month we are leaning to notate So, Mi and La on the staff. We will also be learning simple accompaniment on the xylophones. Themes: Spring, Easter

Grade 2:  We are learning to notate the notes Do, Re, and Mi on the staff. 

Grade 3: We will be preparing recorder music for our performance next month.  Remember to bring recorders on music days.

Grade 4: The students are working on simple melodies and improvisation on our xylophones. We will also be learning about rhythm in 6/8 meter

Grade 5: The students are continuing to work on rhythms using 16th notes. We are also using the xylophones for simple melodies and improvisation.

Grade 8: This month the students are working on music from Jamaica and Ghana.


Choir at Saint John's




Saint John’s School Singers

2017 – 2018 Rehearsal Schedule  

2:15 – 3:00

Monday 4/1/19                         *Wednesday 4/10/19

Monday 4/15/19                                Monday 4/29/19

Monday 5/6/19                       Monday 5/13/19 - Cancelled

Wednesday 5/15/19 Run through rehearsal 2:15-3:00     Spring Concert 6:30

Monday 5/20/19

***Monday 6/3/19                     Sunday 6/9/19 Concert Mt.St.Mary's


Saint John’s School Children’s Choir

2017 – 2018 Rehearsal Schedule  

Wednesdays 2:15 – 3:00

*Wednesday 4/10/19 – No Rehearsal

Wednesday 4/17/19                                           Wednesday 5/1/19

Wednesday 5/8/19                                                                            

Wednesday 5/15/19 Spring Concert 6:30

Wednesday 5/22/19                                                                           


Music Grades

K-2: Students receive a grade of 1-4 on four different music standards:

  • Participates and creates own ideas about music (Participation)
  • Perform/shares music with others (Skills - ability to keep a steady beat, sing, play instruments)
  • Listens and talks about different qualities of music (knowledge of music - tempo, dynamics, notation)
  • Understands how music relates to other arts and subjects

4 - Exceeds expectations  3- Meets expectations  2 - Working towards expectations  1 - Does not meet expectations

Grades 3 - 8

50% - Active participation         25% - Skills         25% - Assignments


There are still a limited number of lessons slots available! If your child wants to learn an instrument, please e-mail me.

 Music: Private Music Instruction


 Please inquire via email to cstringer@stjohnskenmore.com for more information

Greetings Parents and Students of St John the Baptist School, Kenmore:

I am very excited to be the new music teacher at St. John's School. I will be continuing the tradition of offering private music instruction after school. During my undergraduate degree my main focus was in instrumental music. I have been playing saxophone for over 30 years and have experience teaching many other instruments.

Lessons are $13.00* per half-hour and are paid in advance for the month, in cash or by check made payable to Colleen Stringer (lessons typically run 4/5 per month $52.00/$65.00). You must provide 24 hour notice for cancellations to receive credit for lesson, otherwise the lesson is forfeited. Vacation days and holidays will be observed and no lessons will be offered during those times. Half-days will be rescheduled with notification. Any lesson missed by the student due to unforeseen circumstance/illness will be credited.

Information for instrument method books and lesson materials will be provided upon consultation after the first lesson. If needed I can purchase the materials and be reimbursed, or you may purchase from a vendor of your choosing. It is important that students have an instrument to practice at home (Instruments are not provided by Ms. Stringer or St. John’s).

Private instruction in music affords the student a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of reading musical notation and preparation for musical performance in a structured one-on-one format. The first lesson(s) will be an assessment of the student’s musical aptitude. Subsequent lessons will incorporate a new performance skill and musical concept to be practiced at home. Please note that lessons are not meant for practice as the lesson is designed to teach new concepts and strengthen the student’s musical skills, which will culminate in an end of year performance recital.

If you have any further questions regarding lessons or would like to schedule a lesson block – please email cstringer@stjohnskenmore.com

Thank you,

Ms. Colleen Stringer