Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Tracey Rambharose

Grade/Subject: Grade 6


We should all feel relaxed and rejuvenated after our surprising 5 day weekend! Let February begin. 

In Reading we will continue to read Echo. We are currently in the middle of Part II and connecting more and more with Mike and Frankie every day. I am so glad that I chose this book as the students really love it.   

I am excited to say that we are beginning our Ancient India unit! The students will be introduced to Ancient India via Google classroom and a Google slides activity where they get to watch short videos, perform web quests, use their previously learned map skills and fill in graphic organizers. I know that they are looking forward to using the chrome books and learning in this new and different way!

In Language Arts we are working our Personal Narrative unit. The students have started the brainstorming process, some even into their pre-writing stage. I will start to conference with students to make sure they are on target and that their narratives are going smoothly. 

~Mrs. Rambharose

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I can be reached via email at trambharose@stjohnskenmore.com or at the school (716) 877-6401.