Teacher's Name: Mrs. Jill Parrino

Grade/Subject: 1st. Grade

Contact: jparrino@




A time of waiting....                    

       A time of preparation.....         

         A time of reflection......   

Father in Heaven, our hearts desire

the warmth of your love 

and our minds are searching

for the light of your word.

Increase our longing for

Christ our Savior and

give us the strength 

to grow in love.

     First Grade Christmas Prayer

We pray for blessings

of peace,  

the beauty of hope,

the spirit of love,

and the comfort of faith.

May these be your gifts

this Christmas


Important dates:   
Friday, December 7th - School Mass at 9:00
    Thursday, December 13th - Christmas Concert
6:30 in the church
Arrive at 6:00
Christmas Dress Up
           Thursday, December 20th - Advent Prayer Service
8:30 -in the gym 
Friday, December 21st- 11:00 Dismissal
Merry Christmas
a very Blessed New Year
to all!


Monday - gym

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Music