Teacher's Name: Mrs. Jill Parrino

Grade/Subject: 1st. Grade

Contact: jparrino@




                           I love spring

                           Spring is new

                     It's new blades of grass

                         It's rains on a lass

                        It's violets and rain

                    It's a wood-scented lane

                       It's a new bird song

                      It's days growing long

            It's a tree in bud and puddles of mud

           It's birds in a tree and buzz from a bee

                       It's kites in the sky

                             It's spring.

                   That's why I love spring!

                                           Author  Unknown




The children will be:

identifying /ar/ and /or/ words,

continuing fluency practice,

discussing our literary texts,

understanding characters and their feelings,

connecting the text to ourselves, and

discussing realistic fiction versus fantasy.


We are super excited that we will be finishing our entire math

book this week! We will continue our math program

with hands on activities, a daily spiral review and

a comprehensive math exam in early June.

Congratulations first graders! You are math stars! 


We are studying plants and animals and looking at

several life cycles.

Social Studies

Mr. Frank Mergl came to our class to teach us

about our community. He was our educator from the Jr.

Achievement Program.We learned the difference

between needs and wants. We will continue to

study our community.




Monday - gym

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Music and Art