Teacher's Name: Mrs. Jill Parrino

Grade/Subject: 1st. Grade

Contact: jparrino@stjohnskenmore



Fall has arrived!

Autumn Prayer

God of all seasons, we thank you for Autumn.

We thank you for the touch of coolness in the air

that gives us a new burst of energy,

 for the coloring of trees that shows the

creativity of the Divine Artist,

for the falling leaves that reveal

the strength of the branches,

for the hues of fields that bring peace to our souls,

for the smiles on pumpkins that bring joy to the children,

for the fall harvest which brings us

gratitude for the bounty of our land,

for the change of seasons that reveals

the circle of life.

God of all seasons, as you transform the earth,

transform us by your Spirit.


Isn't it a sign of wonder and miracles as we watch 

the change of seasons through the eyes of a child? First Graders are

full of excitement as Summer came to an end and Fall rolled in.

The children are waiting anxiously for pumpkins,

the colorful leaves, apples, farm trips,

cider and so much more.

Enjoy some of our first graders reflections on LEAVES!


by Liam Conrad

I like to jump in leaves and I like to run in leaves.

I saw a lot of leaves and I jumped in them.

I like the leaves.


by Reece Long

Once I was on my bike. I slipped on the

leaves and my mom came and helped me.


by Madison Murdie

Once I helped my brothers rake the leaves. After,

I jumped in the leaves. Then, I raked the leaves.

Then, I ran and jumped in the leaves.

Then, my brothers raked the leaves back again.

When I ran in the leaves I saw a bunch colorful leaves. 

When I was eating ice cream I saw wet leaves.


by Joseph Spillman

Once, I was about to eat my ice cream and

then I saw some leaves. I ran over to get some and

then I slipped and my ice cream fell. 

Once I was on my bike and

it was a

rainy day. There was a wet leaf in

front of me and I slipped on it.


by John Domin

When I step in leaves they are crunchy.

When it is time to get out of the leaves I go in the house.

When my mommy rakes the leaves in a pile,

I jump in! The leaves crunch and they are  

very colorful.


by Sophia Privitera

I went to the zoo and I really saw a lot of leaves.

I jumped in leaves. It was fun.

I was walking on the sidewalk

and I saw a lot leaves.


by Lily Butch

I want to jump in leaves. It will be fun.

The leaves will be crunchy.


by Charlie DiVito

I saw colorful leaves. The are changing

into colorful leaves.

The colorful leaves are big and red.


by Maxine Murdie

Once I was raking the leaves with my mom.

I got to jump in the leaves with my baby sister.

The leaves were beautiful and they were

changing colors. The leaves were crunchy.

I got to run in the leaves.


by Russell Muff

Once I played baseball with my

cousins in the leaves.

I was helped my dad

rake the leaves.

I was played in the leaves.

It was the best!


by Giulianna Kindred

I like to jump in leaves. I like to

rake leaves into a pile.

My mom likes to rake leaves with me.

My mom likes to play in the leaves with me.


by Victor Queen

I see a leaf. It fell on my hand.

It flew on the ground.

Then it flew again

to the top of the building.

It stuck there.



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