Teacher Name: Mrs. Saranne Pace and Teacher Assistant : Mrs. Renee Dikeman

Grade/Subject: Pre-K 3

Contact: space@stjohnskenmore.com  rdikeman@stjohnskenmore.com

Welcome to Our Pre-Kindergarten 3-Year-Old Program

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                         Welcome to our Pre Kindergarten Program for Three Year Olds ( Half Day)                                                                                                                              December

The beginning of Advent,what a special time of the year! The children are very excited to welcome the birth of baby Jesus! We will be reading about the birth of Jesus and his family and making a special project. We will also welcome a classroom favorite our "Elf on the Shelf" (stay tuned for the name!).The class has many exciting projects that are sure to be keepsakes! We would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed holiday season and as always we are are so thankful to have your children in our class!

*This month we are joining with some upper grade students and doing a special project!
Theme for the Month : The Birth of Baby Jesus, Christmas, Angels

Color of the Month : Green

Number of the Month: 4

 Poem:"Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star"

Dates to remember:

December 3-7 St.Nicholas Toy Drive (please bring in a toy for those who are less fortunate).

December 10- We will be working in the Makerspace with our PreK-3 Whole Day friends

December 14- Shhh! We have special guest visiting us today! Santa himself!!!

December 17&18- If you would like to take your child to Santa's Secret Shop you may do so after class .

December 21- PreK-3 Christmas gathering @ 10:00 am. Singing,Gingerbread house making and a special treat! ( Prek PM session will join us at 8:00 am for class as this is a half day) This is our last day of school for Christmas recess.)

January 2, 2019 school resumes


**Reminder our program requires your child to be potty trained ****

We encourage you to ask your child about their day and ask them to tell you about it in complete sentences.

Also, we ask that you read ,read and read some more! Studies show that 20 minutes a day of reading greatly benefits your child's long term success.

Please feel free to stop in and see your little ones work.

May God bless all of our families and make this year a great one.

Love ,

Mrs.Pace and Mrs. Dikeman