Teacher Name: Mrs. Saranne Pace and Teacher Assistant : Mrs. Renee Dikeman

Grade/Subject: Pre-K 3

Contact: space@stjohnskenmore.com  rdikeman@stjohnskenmore.com


                             Welcome to our Pre Kindergarten Program for Three Year Olds ( Half Day)   


May, the month we honor Mary. Our May altar is being decorated with hand painted flowers made by each child!  We continue to wish that April's showers will bring May flowers!! We have a some new additions to our calendar, The N.Falls Aquarium is bringing the Touch Tank to visit. Also,Reinstein Woods is bringing us "Fantastic Frogs"! We are so excited for these STEM visits. We will be talking about plants and planting some of our own vegetables.

Theme for the Month : Mother Mary and Plants

Color of the Month: Purple

Number of the Month: 9

 Poem:"The Old Woman Who lived In A Shoe"

Dates to remember:

May 5 _ Cinco de Mayo celebration

May 8- Mother's day Tea 9:45 am ( also Mothers day Plant sale)

May 10- No school Staff development

May 15 Book Fair ( drop off coats and bags and head to library before class)

May 17- Reinstein Woods- "Fantastic  Frogs"

May 18- Emma L. Bday

May 20- Caroline K. Bday

May 22- Wacky Wednesday note to follow

May 24  and 27 - no school Memorial Day

May 29- N.Falls Aquarium Touch Tank 

May 30- Arlo's Bday


**Reminder our program requires your child to be potty trained ****

We encourage you to ask your child about their day and ask them to tell you about it in complete sentences.

Continue to work on numbers and colors that we have learned over the past 4 months.

We encourage responsibility in our classroom, whether it is cleaning up after free time or for our actions with others, please continue this at home.

Even with Spring weather we still might be using light jackets and raincoats. We encourage the children to help with getting themselves ready at dismissal. Please encourage your child put on their own coats, we still have a few that struggle and we want to prepare them for next year!

Also, we ask that you read ,read and read some more! Studies show that 20 minutes a day of reading greatly benefits your child's long term success.

Please feel free to stop in and see your little ones work.

May God bless all of our families and make this year a great one.

Love ,

Mrs.Pace and Mrs. Dikeman