High School Prep Class

Many of our eighth grade students sit for the Catholic High School Entrance Exam each November.  This rigorous exam is a primary screening device for the placement at our local Catholic high schools.  Moreover, scholarships to high schools are awarded in large part due to performance on these exams.

High School Prep ClassesSt. John’s has been offering a high school exam prep course for several years to ready students for the rigors of the exam.  The course was developed by Mrs. Linda Garrity, our Vice-Principal and former middle school mathematics teacher, to assist students with test-taking strategies.  Although our students are extremely well prepared with curriculum, there will always be “that one vocabulary word” or “math problem” that stumps even the most talented student.  This eight-week course develops strategies and hones skills for working through those challenging questions, from the classic “process of elimination” type practices to more subtle techniques, including using their knowledge of foreign languages, contextual recall, and so on gain the edge that can make the difference. 

The success from their preparedness at St. John’s, as well participating in this class, is evidenced in the acceptance and offerings made by secondary schools.  Over the past three years, our 8th grade graduates have been offered over $750,000 in academic and leadership scholarships (excluding financial aid) and 100% of our graduates have been accepted into their first-choice high school.  Our students emerge ready to perform!