Mrs. Deborah Grosskopf

PreK 4

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We learned our A,B,C's

And counting 1,2,3's

This year has been a blast!

Now it's off to Kindergarten class!

Parents,  We would like to thank you for a wonderful year!  Your continued support, generosity and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated!   Mrs. Grosskopf and Mrs. Tag

Here's what the children liked best about Pre-K!

Lucas- I loved going to Mass!

Jack- I liked going for walks and learning about St. John's!

Molly- I liked learning about letters and sounds!

Matthew- I loved going to the Pumpkin Farm!

Lauren- I liked all the projects we did!

Alenia- I liked learning all about polar bears!

Katie C.- I liked doing the calendar every morning!

Maddie- I loved Field Days!

Cole- I learned how to print my name!

Katie M.- I liked watching Brain Pop Jr. videos!

Hudson- I loved everything!

Tommy- I liked when we went to Shea's to see a play!

Wyatt- I liked when we got to read books!

Nathan- I loved learning about numbers!

Ellie- I loved learning all about flowers!

Jackie- I loved playing with my friends!

Freddie- I liked doing my letter page homework!

Wishing all our Pre-K families a safe and happy summer!