Teacher's Name: Mrs. Marie Doyle

Grade/Subject:  Kindergarten   

Contact: mdoyle@stjohnskenmore.com 

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It is hard to believe that our Kindergarten Year is coming to a close!

The children have worked hard this year and we are proud of the progress they have made!


Please join us for the H.S.A. Panera Fundraiser on

Monday, June 3rd from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

at the Panera Restaurant located in the plaza at Delaware Rd. & Sheridan Drive across from Top's.  Please bring the flier that was sent home or you can show it on your phone.  St. John's will earn a percentage of all sales made with the flier that evening.


The children will enjoy many fun activities during our St. John's Field Day on

Monday, June 10th.

Kindergarten will be wearing their ORANGE T-shirts that we have here at school.

Please dress them for the weather and be sure to have them wear socks and sneakers to school.  We will put the t-shirts on as the children arrive.

Everyone will then be treated to a FREE Hot Dog Lunch!

If your child does not care for hot dogs, they will need to bring a lunch to school that day (the cafeteria is closed so they can not order a lunch).


There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday June 14th due to Teacher Record Day.




The Kindergarten Children have been practicing very hard for their Kindergarten Prayer Service & End of the Year Celebration on our LAST DAY of School,

Monday, June 17th

at 9:00 a.m.

in the Church!

Please continue to practice their parts with them so that they are comfortable.

    Everyone is invited to attend!


Following the Kindergarten Prayer Service & End of the Year Celebration, we will go to the

Reina Community Room attached to the Church to enjoy lunch.  Please bring a picnic lunch

for your whole family (don't forget the drinks) to enjoy! 

The Community Room doors will be unlocked if you would like to drop off your lunch before

you enter the Church or you can go get it from your car following the performance.

If your child needs to change their clothes, there are bathrooms in the hall and in the

back of the Church for them to use.  Once we are finished with lunch, we will all walk to


Once we return to school, you may sign your child out and they may leave with you.




  2nd -  H.S.A. Panera Fundraiser 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

  10th -  FIELD DAY & HOT DOG COOKOUT (wear socks and sneakers)

  14th -  NO SCHOOL


             Prayer Service & End of Year Celebration at 9:00 a.m. in the Church

             Bring your own Picnic Lunch and Walk to Anderson's

 18th - 8th Grade Graduation 7:00 p.m. in the Church

 20th - Closing School Mass at 9:00 a.m. in the Church   


The following is a list of skills and ideas that would be helpful for you to work on regularly with your child:

  • Read aloud to them daily and have them read to you!
  • Identify their name (first, middle & last).
  • Recognize the 26 letters of the alphabet (upper case & lower case).
  • Identify the sounds that each letter makes.
  • Print their first & last name.
  • Identify the basic colors of the rainbow.
  • Identify the basic two dimensional shapes (bonus for knowing three dimensional shapes).
  • Recognize​​​​​​ numbers 1-20.
  • Practice counting by ones and tens (end of year goal is to count by both to 100).
  • Counting out objects to make groups of up to 20.
  • Help them identify and create rhyming words.
  • Practice coloring.
  • Practice cutting & gluing.
  • Encourage them to follow simple directions.
  • Practice being able to handle their own personal needs such as putting on and taking off their jacket. They should be able to zipper, snap & button most of their own clothing.
  • Help them learn to tie their own shoes.
  • Encourage proper hand washing & personal hygiene (use of tissues).
  • Independently open their own food & drinks for snack and lunch.
  • Practice address & phone number (end of year goal is to know both).
  • Model and encourage respectful behavior and good listening skills.

Our year end goal in Kindergarten is for everyone to be reading and writing independently!

The following list includes the 100 sight words we will be introducing:

              a          did            hot            not            ten

              all         down           I             of             that

              am        drink           if             off            the

              an         fast           in             on             three

              and        find           into           one            to

              are        for            is             pick            too

              ask        full            it             play           two

              at         fun            its            pull            up

              away      get           jump           put            upon

              be          go           just           ran             us

              best       good          let            red            was

              big         got           let's          run            we

              black       had          like           said            well

              blue        has          little          see            went

              brown      have         look           seven          where

              but         he           make          she            with

              can         help         me             sit             will

              come       here         must           six            yellow

              cut         him          my            stop            yes

              do          his           no            tell             you