Grade/Subject: Grade 4




May 2020

Religion - This month we will be finishing up with the Ten Commandments.We are learning the importance of learning and living the truth that comes from God, living out the virtue of modesty and finally that our hearts are to be filled with love and generosity , not with envy or greed. 

"What can you do today to be a witness of the truth?"

"How can you grow more pure of heart?'

"How can you focus on gratitude in your life?"

Math - We will be continuing with fractions. I have posted some notes as well as google slides on google classroom. Remember to join in on our Tuesdays and Thursdays google meets where I will be showing mini lessons as well as answer any questions you may have! 

Social - We have begun our Revolutionary War Unit. I will be posting kid friendly videos to go along with this unit! You also have a hard copy of the "unit" we will be using for the readings and questions just like when we were working through our Colonial America unit. 

Enjoy this time with your family. Be kind and respectful! 

Always remember, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email!