Grade/Subject: Grade 4




February 2019

Religion - This month we are focusing on the fourth commandment and how it teaches us to respect and honor our parents, guardians and all people in authority. We will then move on to the fifth commandment where we will learn what it means to live by respecting all human life.

"Whom do you find it difficult to honor? How do you pray for that person?"

"How do you in your own life contribute to peace-making and work for life issues?"

Math - This month we will continue working on multiplication. We are getting more involved with multiplication. We have already practiced a method of 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication through the use of a matrix and will be learning how to multiply using the standard algorithm way. ** Everything from here on out for the rest of the year will heavily depend on multiplication. ** 

   *** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue to work with your child at home on practicing their multiplication and division basic math facts as this is a VERY IMPORTANT math skill they will need in order to move on to other topics this year ***

Science - We are finishing up our unit on the earth. We have looked closely at rocks and minerals. We discussed how the earth's surface can change rapidly through volcanoes and earthquakes as well as how the earth's surface can change slowly through erosion and weathering. 

Social - We will be taking a step away from our traditional social studies book and work on a unit for Black History Month. We will read and learn about famous African Americans who we honor throughout the month of February.

Important Dates:

2/5 - BPO Field Trip

2/9 - Father/Daughter dance 6-8pm

2/14 - Mount St. Mary's Jazz Band Concert

2/15 - Talent Show

2/18 - 2/22 - Winter Break NO SCHOOL

2/25 - School Resumes

2/26 - UB Bulls Basketball game