Grade/Subject: Grade 4






Religion - This month we are focusing on the First Commandment: I am the Lord your God: you shall not have strange gods before me." We will also be discussing Advent and Christmas. We will get together with our Kindergarten Buddies to talk about the Jesse Tree and the meaning of some of the bible stories that go along with each day of Advent

"How will you be a sign of Christ' reign in your life?"

"How will you witness to others the true meaning of this Christmas season at home and at work?"

Math - This month we will continue working on multiplication. We have begun to work with basic facts through morning work and in Simple Solutions, We will be putting those basic facts into more practice with rounding and using patterns. We will be working hands on to practice multiplying one-digit numbers by 2 and 3 digit numbers. Everything from here on out for the rest of the year will heavily depend on multiplication.

   *** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue to work with your child at home on practicing their multiplication and division basic math facts as this is a VERY IMPORTANT math skill they will need in order to move on to other topics this year ***

Science - We are currently discussing the different forms of energy: kinetic, potential, sound, and light are just a few that we will be experimenting with and looking at. 

Social - We have finished looking the 2 major Native American groups and discussed the Iroquois League. We will be taking a little break from our book and do some research on the history of the gingerbread house! We have already visited the interactive room and logged onto the Crome Books to research and look at images of some different themed gingerbread houses! So much fun. We are going to be "designing" one of our own through a project based learning activity.

Important Dates:

12/7 - Report cards go home                                                                                          

        - Movie night (Pre-k - 5th grade) 5:30-8:00

12/9 - Breakfast with Santa after 10:00 mass

12/10 - Mr. Fenz presentation

12/13 - Christmas concert at 6:30 in the church

12/17 - 12/18 Santa's Secret Shop

12/19 - NO Children's Choir

12/20 - Advent Prayer Service in the GYM at 8:30

         - Christmas party

12/21 - Early dismissal at 11:00


1/2 - School resumes