Grade/Subject: Grade 4



Grade/Subject: Grade 4




 October 2018 

Religion - This month we are going to be learning that God gives us the freedom to choose to love and follow Him. We are going to be looking at how our choices are choices we make that can either lead us closer to God by following our conscience or lead us away from God which are called sins.

"What moral choices are you facing? How will you seek the strength to choose what is right?"

"Do you take the time at the end of the day to examine your conscience and consider the consequences of your decisions?"

Math - We will continue to review and practice addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers. We will then move on to relating multiplication and division. We will look at fact families when reviewing these basic facts.We will also recognize the comparison of two groups as a strategy to use when multiplying. Further on in the month and into next month, we will look at and use the properties of multiplication and rules of division. 

   *** Please continue to work with your child at home on practicing their multiplication and division basic math facts as this is a VERY IMPORTANT math skill they will need in order to move on to other topics this year ***

Science - We are learning the different ways that scientists classify living organisms and how plants make sugar through the process of photosynthesis as well has how they reproduce. We will be using the maker space to discuss adaptations and how certain organisms interact with their environment by working with materials to simulate bird beaks. 

Important Dates:

10/5 - Emergency dismissal - 15 minutes

10/8 - NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day

10/9 - NO SCHOOL - Staff development day


10/12 - Walk-a-thon

           - grades close for progress reports

10/18 - 11:00 dismissal 

          - conferences 12-3 and 5:30- 8

10/19 - NO SCHOOL

          - conferences 8-12

10/22 - beginning of Red Ribbon Week

10/26 - Halloween Party 

10/31 - Halloween