Teacher's Name: Mrs. Carol Ann Bunny

Grade/Subject: Art

Contact: cbunny@stjohnskenmore.com

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For the month of October, we will be focusing on color. Some of our projects will
include self-portraits, mask design, pointillism, animal profiles, and crayon resist


Did you know that art is all around us? It is in your home and school. It is on
T.V. and at the store. Art is created by people and found in nature. The
students in PreK-4  - Gr. 5 are using a different Element of Art each Month.    
September: Line- A mark that begins at one point and continues for a certain distance.
October: Color- What we see when light is reflected off objects.
November: Shape- An object that has height and width.
December: Form- An object that has height, width, and depth.
January: Texture- The way a surface looks or feels.
February: Value- The lightness or darkness of a color.

March: Space - The area around, between or within objects


Grading Rubric for Art

Art is not a subject that can be easily graded. Art is a subjective topic, not everyone views the
same artwork with the same opinion. As an Art Teacher, I base the student's grade on a variety of
Participation in Class.
Organizational Skills.
Neatness and quality of craftsmanship.
Comprehension of Design Elements and Principles.
Homework turned in on time.
Projects completed by the due date.
Cooperation with the teacher and fellow students.

Ability to learn from constructive criticism.
Willingness to accept new ideas.
This is my grading system
A (94-100) = Meets and exceeds all expectations
B (88-93) = Meets almost all expectations
C (80-87) = Meets most expectations
D (70-79) = Meets some expectations
F (69 and below) = Does not adequately meet the criteria as defined above.
Students always have the opportunity to talk to me about their grades. If you feel you have been
critiqued unfairly, please address the matter with me, not your classmates. Grades are a private
If a student feels that his or her project did not get the grade it deserved, there will be an
opportunity to resubmit the project to receive a higher grade.
Any child that does their best to complete quality work and adhere to the grading criteria will do
very well (receive an A) in art class. I value the unique talents of every child that enters my art
room. I look forward to a productive year!
Mrs. Bunny

Teacher's Name: Mrs. Bunny
Grade/Subject: ART
Contact: cbunny@stjohnskenmore.com