Mrs. Breinlinger

Science & Health 6-8


Welcome October!  We are well into the routine here at St. John's.  We have had our first Mass and students and teachers are used to their new schedules.  Teachers and students are also embracing the new technology that is available to them - both in and out of the classroom.  After school clubs and activities are started and there is much to look forward to in October.  

Sixth grade is continuing to study the Earth System and the basics of the Earth such as the layers, mapping and topography.

Seventh grade continues to study what it means to be a living thing, classification of living things and what the three major domains of classification are. 

Eight grade is finishing up our basic study of matter.  We will then move on to learn about the periodic table, how it came about and how it is used by scientists.  

God Bless, 

Mrs. Breinlinger

Important Dates:

Fri. Oct 5 - Erie County Early Dismissal Drill - Dismissal is 15 minutes early

Mon. Oct 8 - No School - Columbus Day Holiday

Tues. Oct 9 - No School for Students - Teacher Professional Development Day

Wed. Oct 10 - Picture Day - Dress Up day

Fri. Oct 12 - Race for Education - Grades Close for Progress Reports

Thur. Oct 18 - Early Dismissal - 11:00 am - Parent Teacher Conferences - Progress reports go home

Fri. Oct 19 - No School for Students - Parent Teacher Conferences

Sat. Oct. 20 - Jr. High Dance - 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Tues. Oct 23 - School Mass - 9:00 am


1 -  Green 5 subject notebook

1 - Green folder with pockets and prongs

** Students should bring notebook paper, pens/pencils & an eraser to class everyday.  

Topics Per Grade:

6th Grade - Earth Science: In 6th grade students study earth science.  We examine the Earth as a dynamic system, where all the parts work together and are connected to one another.  Some of our specific topics include: Plate tectonics, Rock Cycle, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Atmosphere, and Ocean.  Health: In health we study what health and wellness are, the benefits of physical activity, personal health, and nutrition.       

7th Grade - Life Science:  In 7th grade the primary focus is life science.  We examine what it means to be alive and how all of God's creations have a place in the world.  Some specific topics include: What is life, Cells and cell processes, Viruses & bacteria, Plants and Animals.  Health: In health we study body systems, growth and development, conflict resolution and preventing violence.             

8th Grade - Physical Science:  In 8th grade the primary focus is on physical science.  This is a combination of basic chemistry and physics.  Specifically we examine the following topics: Matter, Changes in matter, Periodic Table, Atoms, Motion, Energy, Light & Sound.  Health:  In health we study mental and emotional health, alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and communicable and noncommunicable diseases.   

Each grade level course of study includes a variety of hands-on learning opportunities and individual student projects to give students a deeper understanding of what they are learning, to make the learning more concrete and to help the students make connections to their real world experiences.  

Homework Policy:

All homework will be checked on the day it is due.  Most assignments will be graded using the following scale:

5 pts. = completed on date due

3 pts. = one day late

1 pt.  = two days late

0 pts. = missing (3 or more days late)

Some homework may be collected and corrected for a percentage grade.  Students will be notified which assignments these will be.  A missing graded assignment will lose 5 points per day that it is missing.  

Parents will be notified via email when a student is missing 3 or more homework assignments.   

Grading Policy

Progress report and report card grades will be calculated based on the following:

Tests = 35%

Projects = 25%

Quizzes = 15%

Homework = 10%

Classwork/Labs = 15%